If you would’ve invested $100 into bitcoin in 2009 your investment would now be worth around 50 million dollars! No other asset even comes close. Bitcoin has outperformed every other asset over the past decade and the whole industry is exploding. Mainstream adoption is happening! This is the biggest financial opportunity of our lifetimes. Don’t let it slip away. This is the modern day digital gold rush! Take advantage of this situation and learn how this market works. Join the Crypto Guru Trading Group today!

Technical Analysis Videos
Training videos teach you how to trade.

Daily Chart Setups
Successful setups posted daily.

Crypto Support Community
Join a community of like-minded people that work together to trade this market.

Access over 30 training videos that will teach you how to trade cryptocurrency like a pro

I have over 30+ training videos that will teach you how to trade so you can dominate this market. In the videos you will learn the following:

  • All the basics like how to buy, sell, and set stop losses
  • How to transfer money between exchanges
  • How to read and create your own charts
  • How to understand multiple technical indicators like the RSI, MACD, Moving averages, Fibonacci retracement, Fibonacci extension, VPVR, and more!
  • Learn how the big institutions and elite trade during each market cycle
  • Learn the best places to open trades
  • Learn each sell signal you will see as the price comes down
  • Learn how to spot trend reversals and market crashes before they actually happen
  • Learn how to re-enter the market after a crash
  • And much more!

I have a repeatable process that anyone can learn, and the same skills you will learn apply to trading stocks too!

Take your financial freedom into your own hands today, and learn this life changing skill so you can make life changing money! Quit the 9-5 and work anytime you want, anywhere in the world!

Access to 7 Telegram Rooms that operate 24/7 where setups are constantly posted, and you can interact with other knowledgeable traders
Along with the videos you will receive access to 7 telegram rooms that operate 24/7 where you can put what you learn into action! Team up with others, ask questions, and work together to win!

  • Room 1 Announcements – Setups and trading tips from Crypto Guru
  • Room 2 Volume alerts and new coin listings – Receive alerts when new coins are listed on Binance, KuCoin, Coinbase, and Coinbase Pro. Receive volume alerts on more than 80 of the top performing cryptos
  • Room 3 Beginner charts and TA questions – Room for beginners or post charts to have them analyzed for accuracy and ask technical analysis questions.
  • Room 4 Bitcoin only – Bitcoin and market updates
  • Room 5 Altcoins only – Altcoin charts from group members
  • Room 6 News and Fundamentals that move the market – Room for members to post news articles and other information that could be useful for trades or potentially move the market.
  • Room 7 Chat – Join a community of crypto friends from all over the world that you can chat with, ask questions, and trade with in some play by play action! We have a wonderful community where everyone is calling out breakouts and moving calls to help each other win big!

The more eyes we have watching the market, looking for potential setups, and scanning for important news, the more successful we will be as a team.

The World is your Office

  • Learn how to make money anytime you want, from anywhere in the world. Want to work from home? Want to travel? The world is your office.
  • Setups are posted on a daily basis that you can follow and trade
  • Make money during bull markets or bear markets
  • Receive volume alerts for over 80 different coins to notify you when certain coins are moving!
  • Receive alerts before new coins are listed on Binance, KuCoin, Coinbase, or Coinbase Pro!
  • Receive notifications for setups so you can trade if you’re on the go!

Even if you’re just a long term holder you will greatly benefit from the information you will learn! You need to have knowledge of the market cycles, where to enter a position, and where to sell at the very least if you’re going to invest.

Make money in a bull market or bear market.

The best part is the group is CHEAP! It can pay for itself with just one or two of the many winning trades that are consistently posted.

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Disclaimer – All information contained is for entertainment purposes only, and no information contained herein is to be construed as financial, legal, or tax advice. No member of the group claims to be a licensed financial advisor and the content of the trading group consists solely of the opinions of its members. There are risks associated with investing in cryptocurrencies, so you should never invest more than you can afford to lose. There is no guarantee of any particular outcome. Please consult with your financial advisors before purchasing cryptocurrency.